William D. Ferreira Scholarship

A scholarship was graciously created in Fall 2012 by Legal Studies alumnus William D. Ferreira ’05. The award is named the William D. Ferreira Scholarship.

William transferred from a community college and remembers how challenging it is financially to be a student. He is now an attorney in San Francisco and wanted to find a way to give back. Bravo!

The award recipients do not apply for the scholarship, rather every fall the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office searches for and awards two students $500 each based on the following criteria:

1) Must be at least junior standing
2) Must be a transfer student
3) Must have transferred from a community college
4) Must have financial need
5) Must be doing well academically (3.5 UCB gpa or higher)

Here is the description that William wrote to give the award meaning:

This scholarship is intended to assist a transfer student with the rigors of moving from a Community College to the University level. As a previous transfer student, William Ferreira remembers the additional economic pressure of moving on to the next level. Tuition, books, housing, travel expenses, food costs all seem to stretch the budget of even the most frugal of students. This scholarship is intended to ease this burden as much as possible, understanding the financial pressure created by moving to the next level. It can be disheartening to have economic concerns distract the student from performing at their best. This scholarship will hopefully help the student in any way possible.

Thank you William!

Fall 2012 Recipients:

Viktoriia Nevmyvakova ’13
Legal Studies major

J. Steven Schumacher ’13
Legal Studies major

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