Legal Studies Prerequisites Spring 16

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Prereq courses in bold can only be used for the New Plan:


Stat 2               Introduction to Statistics
Stat 20             Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Stat W21          Intro to Probability & Statistics for Business (Web)


Phil 3               The Nature of the Mind
Phil 4               Knowledge and Its Limits
Phil 12A           Introduction to Logic
Phil 25B          Ancient/Modern Philosophy
Poli Sci 112A  History of Political Thought: Ancient and Medieval

History, European History (Old Plan)

Hist 4B    The Ancient Mediterranean World, Medieval Europe
Hist 5        European Civilization (Renaissance to the present)
Hist 7B     Introduction to the History of the United States
History 8B   Modern Latin America
Hist 158C     ModernEurope
Hist 164A     Modern European Intellectual History
Am. Studies 139AC  Civil Rights & Social Movements in U.S. History
Africam 117  African Americans in the Industrial Age, 1865-1970
Eth Std 21AC  A Comparative Survey of Racial and Ethnic Groups in the U.S.

Social/Behavioral Sciences, Econ (Old Plan)

Econ 1                         Introduction to Economics
Econ 2                         Introduction to Economics – Lecture Format
Econ 100A                  Economic Analysis
Econ 101A                  Economic Theory
Eth Std 21AC            A Comparative Survey of Racial and Ethnic Groups in the U.S.
Poli Sci 1                     Intro to American Politics
Poli Sci 2                     Intro to Comparative Politics
Sociology 1                 Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 3AC           Principles of Sociology
Sociology 5                 Evaluation of Evidence

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