Legal Studies Prerequisites Fall 2016

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Prereq courses in bold can only be used for the New Plan:


CS/Info/Stat C8        Foundations of Data Science
Stat 2               Introduction to Statistics
Stat 20             Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Stat 21             Intro to Probability & Statistics for Business


Phil 2               Individual Morality and Social Justice
Phil 3               The Nature of the Mind
Phil 12A          Introduction to Logic
Phil 25A          Ancient/Modern Philosophy


Hist 4A        The Ancient Mediterranean World
Hist 5           European Civilization (Renaissance to the present)
Hist 7A         Introduction to the History of the United States
Hist 158C     ModernEurope

Social Behavioral Science

Econ 1                    Introduction to Economics
Econ 100A            Economic Analysis
GWS 102              Transnational Feminis
Poli Sci 1                Intro to American Politics
Sociology 1            Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 3AC      Principles of Sociology
Sociology 5            Evaluation of Evidence
Sociology 101        Sociological Theory





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