Legal Studies Courses Summer 2017

NOTE: Legal Studies offers courses during the six week sessions: Session A and Session D.
NOTE: Areas listed are for the New Plan.

Session A (May 22 – June 30) six weeks

LS 104AC: Youth, Justice & Culture
Elizabeth Brown from SFSU
8-10am MTWTH
Area I or II

LS 157: International Relations & International Law
Ivana Stradner
10-12pm MTWTH
Area IV or V

LS 177: Survey of American Legal & Constitutional History
Ben Brown
2-4pm MTWTh
Core or Area V


Session D (July 3 – August 11) six weeks

LS 103: Theories of Law & Society
Kitty Calavita
10am-12pm MTWTh
Core or Area II

LS 138: The Supreme Court & Public Policy
Sean Farhang
12-2pm MTWTh
Core or IV or V

LS 147: Law & Economics II,
Dan Vencill from SFSU
12-2pm MTWTh
Area III

LS 151: Law, Self & Society
Meir Dan-Cohen
2-4pm MTWTh
Area II

LS 160: Punishment, Culture & Society
Alessandro de Giorgi
2-4pm MTWTh
Core or Area I or II

LS 182: Law, Politics & Society,
Malcolm Feeley
8-10am MTWTh
Core or IV or V

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