Law-Related Courses under the Old Plan

* Please double check to make sure the course is offered for the current semester if you are interested in a particular course. A student may take any three (maximum of 12 units) from this list, and apply them to the 32 upper division units needed to complete the Legal Studies major. All courses must be taken for a letter grade. These courses may not be credited toward the four Areas in the major. This list changes as departments change the course numbers and content. Students are responsible for making sure the courses in which they enroll are still approved by the Legal Studies program. Courses from an EAP program or a four-year institution in this country, may also be used toward the upper-division requirements, a maximum of two courses, totaling no more than 8 units. Pre-approval of these courses from other institutions by the Undergraduate Advisor must be obtained prior to registration or the courses cannot be counted. Please remember that you are limited to three outside courses to fulfill the requirements for upper division work, and again, no more than two courses from other institutions. All courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

AAS 141 Law in Asian American Community 4 units
Anthropology 157 Anthropology of Law 4 units
Chicano Studies 174 Chicanos, Law & Criminal Justice 4 units
ESPM 162 Bioethics & Society 4 units
ESPM 163 AC Environmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity & the Environment 4 units
Ethnic Studies N144 Racism & the Law (Su) 4 units
UGBA 107 Social & Political Environment of Business (formerly BA 170) 3 units
UGBA 154 Labor and the Law (formerly BA 155) 3 units
UGBA 175 Legal Aspects of Management (formerly BA 175) 3 units
History 100 African American Legal History
History 103B The European Legal Tradition from Bloodfeud to the Torture Memos
History 107A Ancient Athenian Law
History 107D Roman Law
ISF 100E Globalization of Rights, Values and Law in the 21st Century 4 units
Media Studies C104 Freedom of Speech and the Press 3 units
Media Studies 190.2 The 60s & Beyond: How the Law Shapes Journalism 4 units
NATAMST 100 Native American Law 4 units
NATAMST 102 Critical Native American Legal & Policy Studies 4 units
PACS 126 International Human Rights 4 units
PACS 127 Human Rights & Global Politics 4 units (formerly 127A/B)
PACS 157A Constitutional Law of the US (Su)
Philosophy 104 Ethical Theories 4 units
Philosophy 115 Political Philosophy 4 units
Political Sci 109C Legal Mobilizations & American Politics 4 unit
Political Sci 112B History of Political Theory
Political Sci 124C Ethics of Justice in Intl. Affairs 4 units
Political Sci 127A International Law 4 units
Political Sci 140B Supranational E.U. & U.S. Federalism 4 units
Political Sci 140H Human Rights & the Politics of Identity 4 units
Political Sci 150 The American Legal System 4 units
Political Sci 151 The Jury System
Political Sci 152A Topics in Law: Access to Justice & Regulations 4 units
Political Sci 157A/B Constitutional Law of the U.S. 4 units
Public Policy 162 Drug, Tobacco, & Alcohol Policy
Public Policy 190.2 Legal Aspects of Public Policy 3 units
Rhetoric 152 (not 152AC) Rhetoric of Constitutional Discourse 4 units
Rhetoric 159A Great Themes in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Political & Legal Theory 4 units
Rhetoric 160 Introduction to the Rhetoric of Legal Discourse 4 units
Rhetoric 164 Rhetoric of Legal Theory 4 units
Rhetoric 165 Rhetoric of Legal Philosophy 4 units
Rhetoric 167 Advanced Topics in Law and Rhetoric 4 units
Rhetoric 168 Rhetoric, Law and Political Theory, 1500-1700 4 units
Rhetoric 189.1 Poetry, Language, Law: On Philosophy & the Saying of Truth 4units
Sociology 114 Sociology of Law 4 units
Sociology 152 Deviance & Social Control 4 units
Sociology 137AC Environmental Justice, Race, Class, Equity, & the Environment 4 units (cross-listed with ESPM 163AC)

* While these courses count toward the Legal Studies major, LS majors are not given enrollment priority. Please contact the respective department for enrollment information and be aware that some instructors may screen for prerequisites.

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