Law-Related Courses Summer 2013

(As of 12/20/12) Please Check the OSOC for updates.

***NOTE: The Areas listed below are for the NEW plan.
Law-related courses do not fall into any Areas in the OLD plan.***

Session A   (5/28/13 – 7/3/13) First six week session

Poli Sci 150: The American Legal System (4) Area IV or V

Session D   (7/8/13 – 8/16/13) Second six week session

AAS 141: Law in the Asian American Community (4) Area II or IV

Eth Stud 144AC: Racism & the U.S. Law: Historical Treatment of Peoples of Color (4) Area II or IV

UGBA 107: Social & Political Environment of Business (3) Area III

UGBA 175: Legal Aspects of Management (3) Area III

PACS 127: Human Rights & Global Politics (4) Area IV or V

Phil 115: Political Philosophy (4) Area V

Rhet 160: Introduction to the Rhetoric of Legal Discourse (4) Area II

Soc 152: Deviance & Social Control (4) Area I

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