Law-Related Courses Offered by Other Departments Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Law-Related Courses Offered by Other Departments*    (As of 11/22/13)

Please check the OSOC ( for the most up-to-date information.

***Please note that the law-related courses only fall under Areas for the New Plan.***

ESPM 163 AC: Environmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity & the Environment (4) (cross-listed w/Soc 137AC) (New Plan only: Area II or IV)

Ethnic Studies 144AC: Racism & the U.S. Law: Historical Treatment of Peoples of Color (4)  (New Plan only: Area II or IV)

UGBA 107: Social & Political Environment of Business (3) (New Plan only: Area II or IV)

UGBA 154: Power & Politics in Organizations (2) (can only be used as a law-related course for the Old Plan) (2 units for Sp14)

Media Studies 104A: The First Amendment and the Press (3) (New Plan only: Area IV)

NativeAmStud 102: Critical Native American Legal & Policy Studies (4) (New Plan: Area IV or V)

PACS 127: Human Rights & Global Politics (4) (New Plan only: Area IV or V)

Political Sci 112B: History of Political Theory (4) (New Plan only: Area V)

Political Sci 124C: Ethics of Justice in Intl. Affairs (4) (New Plan only: Area V)

Rhetoric 160: Intro to the Rhetoric of Legal Discourse (4) (New Plan only: Area II)

Rhetoric 167: Advanced Topics in Law and Rhetoric (4) (New Plan only: Area II)

Sociology 137AC: Environmental Justice, Race, Class, Equity, & the Environment(4) (cross-listed w/ESPM 163AC) (New Plan only: Area II or IV)

Sociology 152: Deviance & Social Control (4) (New Plan only: Area I)

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