Spring 2010 Law-Related Courses from Other Departments

Spring 2010 Law-Related Courses from Other Departments

Please check the OSOC for the most up-to-date information. (http://schedule.berkeley.edu)

Chicano Studies 174: Chicanos, Law & Criminal Justice, 4 units

ESPM 162: Bioethics & Society, 4 units

ESPM 163AC: Environmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity, & the Environment, 4 units

UGBA 175: Legal Aspects of Management, 3 units

Media Studies 104A: The First Amendment & the Press, 3 units

PACS 127: Human Rights & Global Politics, 4 units

Poli Sci 124C: Ethics of Justice in International Affairs, 4 units

Poli Sci 150: The American Legal System, 4 units

Poli Sci 157B: Constitutional Law of the U.S., 4 units

Rhetoric 160: Intro to the Rhetoric of Legal Discourse, 4 units

Rhetoric 165: Rhetoric of Legal Philosophy, 4 units

Rhetoric 167: Advanced Topics in Law and Rhetoric, 4 units

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