Law-Related Courses Offered by Other Departments Spring 2009

Law-Related Courses Offered by Other Departments

ESPM 162 Bioethics & Society (4)
Media Studies 104A The 1st Amendment and the Press (3)
PACS 127 Human Rights & Global Politics (4)
Phil 115 Political Philosophy (4)
Poli Sci 150 The American Legal System (4)
Poli Sci 157B Constitutional Law of the U.S. (4)
Rhet 160 Intro to the Rhetoric of Legal Discourse (4)
Rhet 159A Great Theorists in Rhetoric of Political & Legal Theory (4)
Sociology 114 Sociology of Law (4)
Sociology 115 Deviance & Social Control (4)

* While these courses count toward the Legal Studies major, LS majors are not given enrollment priority. Please check the OSOC first for instructions then contact the respective department for enrollment information & be aware that some instructors may screen for prerequisites.

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