Undergraduate Legal Studies Research Conference

The 13th Annual Legal Studies Honors Undergraduate Research Conference Monday, May 4, 2020, 10:00am Pacific Time. Zoom info will be posted to the Legal Studies e-mail list at least one day before the event.

10:00am Welcome and conference opening – Prof. Edelman
10:05am Opening remarks – Dean Chemerinsky

All panels will be followed by brief Q&A sessions

10:20 11:15

  1. John Overing
  2. Blue Fay
  3. Amber Feng

Break: 11:15 – 11:25

11:25 12:20

  1. Mia Villaseñor
  2. Raika Kim
  3. Delaney Arth

Break: 12:20 – 12:30

12:30 1:25

  1. Michael Brust
  2. Coco Xu
  3. Kariamu Cross

Break: 1:25 – 1:35

Panel 1: Law & Everyday Life

“Attitudes & Law Governing Controversial Speakers on College Campuses”

“Export or Adaptation: The Legal and Political Contours of Pride in Shanghai and Beirut”

“The Tangled Web of Campus Policies: Perceived Inequities and Effects on Political and Advocacy RSOs”

Panel 2: Work & Employment

“Symbolic Rights: Experiences of Transgender and Non-Binary Employees at Organizations Rated on the Corporate Equality Index”

The Ability to Work: Perspective of Workers with Disabilities” “Women’s Approaches to Negotiation: The Role of

Negotiation in the Gender Pay Gap”

Panel 3: Making Legal Meaning

“What do they mean by disabled? An analysis of the Americans with Disabilities Act”

“Furious to be Taken at Her Own Word: Understanding Legal Consciousness Through The Handmaid’s Tale

“Responding to Injustice”

1:40 2:35

  1. Julia Fox
  2. Natalie Leifer
  3. Trevor Lemings

Panel 4: Criminal Justice

“Policing in the Age of Camera Consciousness: A look into Officers’ Perceptions of Body Worn Cameras”

“Understanding a Vulnerable Population: San Francisco Police Officers’ Approach to Juvenile Interrogation”

County Response to Realignment” Concluding remarks/wrapping up: to 3pm

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