Undergraduate Legal Studies Research Conference

10th Annual Legal Studies Undergraduate Research Conference

Friday, April 27, 2018
8:30am – 2:20pm
Legal Studies Building, 2240 Piedmont Avenue, Kadish Library

About the Conference:

Are you curious about . . .
How humanitarian aid organizations negotiate the logistical and ethical challenges of delivering aid in Syria?
How Uber and Lyft drivers negotiate the ambiguity of their employment status?
How school tax credits are really being used?

Come hear the answers to these and other fascinating questions in legal studies during the 9th Annual Legal Studies Honors Undergraduate Research Conference, Friday April 27 from 8:30 AM to 2:20 PM in the Kadish Library at 2240 Piedmont.   These honors students have been conducting original research under the guidance of Berkeley Law faculty all year.  Please feel free to stop by anytime during the day.


8:30 am Welcome Breakfast, Kadish Library

9:00-9:15 am Introductory Remarks, Kadish Library
Professor Lauren Edelman, Honors Program Director
Professor Jonathan Marshall, Director of Legal Studies

9:15-10:35 am Everyday Understandings Of and Reactions To Law
Moderator: Abigail Stepnitz, JSP

* John McPherson, “Sexual and Gender Identity: Perceptions About Workplace
Harassment in Contemporary America”

* Noah Brownlow, “A Dangerous Job: Harassment, Discrimination, and
Perceptions of Risk in the Fire Service”

* Daniel Billostas, “Thinking About Mandatory Arbitration: An Analysis of How
Consumers Understand Arbitration Agreements”

* Jacob Basinger, “Building the Beach: Exploring the Factors Affecting
Decisions to Invest in Coastal Property”

10:45-11:45 am Constructing and Mobilizing Rights
Moderator: Shikha Bhattacharjee, JSP

* Hannah Bagdasar “Human Rights in a Social Media Era”

* Leilanie Martinez, “Access to Justice for Women of Color Fighting Evictions”

* Violeta Padilla Shows, “Poor Women and the Mobiliziation of their Welfare-
Related Rights”

11:45 am-1 pm Catered Lunch, Kadish Library

1:00-2:20pm Power, Institutions, and Punishment
Moderator: Johann Koehler, JSP

* Caitlin Hoover, “A Model Institution: Power, Abuse, and Civilizing Unfolded
Through the 1869 San Francisco Industrial School Investigation”

* Marnie Lowe, “Resonance, Radicalism, and the Death Penalty: A Framing
Analysis of the Anti-Death Penalty Movement, 1965-2014”

* Madison Miller, “Discretion and Decision Making: Prosecutorial Procedure in
. Criminal Cases Involving Minors”

* Julia Ornell, “Assessing Threats: Police Injury & Police Behavior”

2:20 pm Closing Remarks & Reception, Kadish Library
Schedule of Events

Photos from the conference 2015:
Click on photos to enlarge:
Group photos of presenters at the 7th Annual Legal Studies Undergraduate Research Conference on April 24, 2015, along with former Faculty Director Michael Musheno and Honors Teaching Fellow Andrew Brighten. The conference’s welcome luncheon filled the Goldberg Room to capacity as faculty, students, friends and family gathered in celebration of Legal Studies Honors students and undergraduate scholars from numerous other departments. This year’s conference featured 24 presenters across six panels throughout the afternoon. The event was generously sponsored by Berkeley Law and the Legal Studies department.

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