Testimonials from Honors Students

Here is what some of last year’s honors students have to say about why you should consider joining the program:

“Not only will you meet with incredible intellectuals, academics, and fellow students; but you will also be head of your own research project in an unparalleled opportunity to translate your interests and passions into a sophisticated thesis. If I had the chance, I would do it again in a heartbeat.”  — Christine Chong

“My experience with Honors began with some questions and a general area of interest.  It ended with a wealth of knowledge and experiences, as well as a project that was far larger than I had ever envisioned.  The passion I discovered for my topic took my capacity far beyond its previous limits.  Exceeding my own expectations and breaking personal barriers only reinforced for me that my efforts were worthwhile.”  — Sharif Elmallah

“I would say the honors program is worth the challenge because in the end you will have directed a full research project from start to finish and the final product will contribute new information to an area of study about which you are truly passionate, an opportunity not often found in other coursework.”  —  Helen Ganski

“I am very tempted to have my one liner be: ‘Write an Honors Thesis, because most likely, everything you do after that will seem like a piece of cake.’ Buuut, upon deeper reflection, I think that students should take the class regardless of whether they think they are interested in research or want to go to grad school. They may find that their goals and ambitions evolve throughout this introspective process. Writing an Honors Thesis is challenging and it is a struggle at times, but that’s what makes it worth it. I think that most of us discovered that we love research, but even if for some reason it doesn’t work out for some students, then they would still have had a great learning experience and would be one step closer to realizing where their passions lie.”  —  Yana Pavlova

“What I discovered along the way, through the hours of library research, the weeks of field work, the days of editing, and the countless meetings, was that writing my thesis was so much more than what I had originally thought. Enroll in the Honors Thesis program, and by the end of the year you will have so much more than ‘40 minimum pages of your own original work’ – you will have new insights into your field, new relationships with professors and peers, and a new outlook on what you are capable of achieving. All in all, I’d say this is a pretty good bang for you buck.”  —  Andie Safon

“My Legal Studies Honors Thesis isn’t just one other paper I wrote in college. It’s a reflection of MY interests, MY relationships, MY research, and most importantly, what I found in the world around me. It’s built by and of REAL people and REAL conversations. And, in the end, I was able to create a body of work that is not only meaningful to me but meaningful to the community I studied. There really could not have been a better way to end four life-changing years at Cal. Let me tell you, it was worth it.”  —  Anna Williams

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