Selected Legal Studies Honors Theses

Name Submited Title
Olivia Cusimano Spring 2014 Murder, Media, and Mayhem: The Metamorphosis of California Murder Cases to International Media Sensations” [.pdf]
Kenna Nicole Falk Spring 2014 Does Age Matter? Motivations for Supporting Interrogation Practices in the “War on Terror” [.pdf]
Yu Fu Spring 2014 Two-Track Urbanization: Examining the Reciprocal Relationship between the Central and the Local Policy-Making on China’s Urbanization Process [.pdf]
Cristina A. Henriquez Spring 2014 Signaling the Supreme Court: Lower Court Dissent and Certiorari Grants [.pdf]
Xiuyuan Hu Spring 2014 A Nuanced History: China’s Constitutional Making in the 1950s [.pdf]
Angelica Mantilla Spring 2014 A Study of How Participants in Local Bay Area Organizations are Empowering the
Undocumented Youth Movement [.pdf]
Jacob Metz Spring 2014 The Price of Markets: How the Logic of the Market Transformed the American Penal System [.pdf]
Michaela Pluskovich Spring 2014 Keeping Faith in the Post-9/11 Era:
Studying Transparent U.S. Muslim Networks of Communication [.pdf]
Alex Wolinsky Spring 2014 From the Brink of Death: Judicial Legitimacy and the Supreme Court’s Retreat from Abolition of Capital Punishment in the 1970s [.pdf]
Xiaorui (Sherry) Xia Spring 2014 The Interaction between Social Science and Judicial Reasoning in the Context of Employment Discrimination Cases [.pdf]
Viktoriia Nevmyvakova Summer 2013 What factors contributed to the development and implementation of the Uruguay Round Agreements Act of 1994? [.pdf]
Christine Chong Spring 2013 Inmate-to-Inmate: Socialization, Relationships, and Community Amongst Incarcerated Men [.pdf]
Helen Ganski Spring 2013 Inter-District Public School Mobility: Common Misperceptions and a Call for Local Revival [.pdf]
Yei-Lehsee Gausi Spring 2013 Beyond Threat and Ammunitions: The Transformation of Liberian Warlords into Statesmen [.pdf]
Tyler Maxwell Spring 2013 Why We Need to Mend Our Amending Process: the Inherent Flaws of Article V of the U.S. Constitution [.pdf]
Huiling Pan Spring 2013 Conceptualizing Human Rights Application to Health Work: A Typology of Rights-based Approaches to Health [.pdf]
Yana Pavlova Spring 2013 Legal Transplants in Chinese Criminal Law: The Dilution of Due Process Across National Boundaries [.pdf]
Sarah Phillips Spring 2013 The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005: A Return to Debtor Fraud [.pdf]
Andie R. Safon Spring 2013 “As a Teacher, As a Person”: The Dimensions of Classroom Legitimacy in Two Classrooms in an Urban High School Setting [.pdf]
J. Steven Schumacher Spring 2013 Resolving Nazi-era Art Repatriation Claims in the Twenty-First Century [.pdf]
Alexandra Schwertfeger Spring 2013 “The Kid is a Criminal” v. “The Criminal is a Kid”: Cultural Impacts on Juvenile Justice in the United States and Japan [.pdf]
Shuangjun Wang Spring 2013 Let’s Do Something New for Lunch: Re-evaluating Hollywood Handshake Deals [.pdf]
Anna Williams Spring 2013 Meaning amidst Politics: Exploring the Value of Union Membership for CTA Teachers [.pdf]
Michelle Yaegar Spring 2013 Why is it so Hard to get a Divorce? Examining the Relationship Between California’s No-Fault-Divorce Laws and Low-Income Women [.pdf]
Erica Yang Spring 2013 Consumer Protection Policies and
Practice of Automobile Industry in China: Explanations and Findings [.pdf]
Cecilia Cheng Spring 2012 A Law and Economics Approach to the California Expedited Jury Trials Act [.pdf]
Michael Durfey Spring 2012 Punishment, Labor And Society: A Historical Analysis Of Prison Industries In Michigan [.pdf]
Daniel Ganz Spring 2012 The American Felony Murder Rule: Purpose and Effect [.pdf]
Sungho Kim Spring 2012 Exploring the Legal Consciousness and Mobilization of the Mental Illness Suffers [.pdf]
Melody Ng Spring 2012 Contemporary Female Activism: Female Activists and Social Movements in the Cyber-Era [.pdf]
Jessica Trieu Spring 2012 Teenagers of the Incarcerated: Collateral Damage? [.pdf]
Tiffany Wu Spring 2012 Media Narratives of Crime and the Favelas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro [.pdf]


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