Old Legal Studies Requirements – Ending Summer 2013

Beginning Fall 2013 students must declare the New Plan.
The requirements listed below are for students who declared under the Old Plan previously.

Prerequisites – Take one distinct course from each of the following four categories:
Statistics; Philosophy; History; Economics.
(4 courses)  See the old prerequisites page for a list of choices.

Unit Requirement – Students must take a minimum of 32 upper division units for the major.

Upper division Requirements – Take 1 distinct course from each of following four Areas:
(4 courses)  See the old upper division requirements page.
Area I              Theory
Area II             Historical/Comparative
Area III            Substantive
Area IV           Administration of Justice

Law-Related Courses You may use up to 3 law-related courses from outside the Legal Studies Department to count towards the Upper Division Requirements, maximum 12 units. Two law-related courses can be from abroad, maximum 8 units. If a third law-related course is to be taken, it would need to be at UCB. This is an option, not a requirement. Outside courses should normally be drawn from the pre-approved list of law-related UCB courses, but may be approved from other 4-year institutions, or from study abroad programs. If a course you are considering is not on the pre-approved list, you must submit a syllabus and description to the Legal Studies Academic Advisor for approval.  See the old law-related courses page.

Research – Legal Studies students may receive credit for completing a research project during their senior year. Students who meet eligibility requirements may enroll in LS H195A & B, the Honors Program. Students who have a faculty mentor and a desire to do a research project but do not meet the eligibility requirements for Honors, may enroll in 1-4 units of LS 199 Independent Study provided they meet the eligibility requirements. See the research page for eligibility requirements for 199 and H195A/B.

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