Law-Related Courses Offered by Other Departments Spring 16

Always check the Online Schedule of Classes for the most up to date information.

***Please note that the law-related courses ONLY fall under Areas for the New Plan.***

UGBA 107 Social & Political Environment of Business (3) (Area III)

Ethnic Studies 144AC Racism and the U.S. Law: Historical Treatment of Peoples of Color (4) (Area II or IV)

Media Studies 104A Freedom of Speech and the Press (3) (Area IV)

PACS 127 Human Rights & Global Politics (4) (Area IV or V)

Philosophy 104 Ethical Theories (4)  (Area II or V)

Philosophy 115 Political Philosophy (4) (Area V)

Political Sci 124C Ethics of Justice in Intl. Affairs (4) (Area V)

Public Policy 190.2 Social Science, Law & Policy (3) (Areas II or IV)

Rhetoric 166 Rhetoric in Law & Politics (4) (Area II)

Sociology 137AC Environmental Justice, Race, Class, Equity, & the Environment (Area II or IV)


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