Law-Related Courses Offered by Other Departments Summer 2018

NOTE:  Areas listed are for the NEW PLAN only.

Session A (May 21 – June 29)

Chicano Studies 174 Chicanos Law & Criminal Justice (4)  (Area I or II)
UGBA 107  Social & Political Environment of Business (3) (Area III)
UGBA 175  Legal Aspects of Management (3) (Area III)
ISF 100E Globalization of Rights, Values and Law in the 21st Century (4) (Area II or IV or V)

Session D (July 2 – August 10)

AsAmStd 141 Law in the Asian American Community (4) (Area II or IV)
Eth Std 144AC  Racism & the U.S. Law (4) (Area II or IV)

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