Declaring the Major

Minimum Requirements to Declare the Major:

– Overall 2.0 UCB gpa.
– At least 2 prereqs completed with overall 2.0 prereq gpa.

Students must take one distinct course from each of the following four areas of study. All courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

Social/Behavioral Sciences

NOTE: When looking at requirements on this site, always click on ‘New Plan’. Because there are many students who declared before the curriculum changes, the old requirements are still included on this site.

Questions about the Legal Studies Program should be directed to the Undergraduate Advisor, Lauri La Pointe. Lauri holds drop-in office hours at 2240 Piedmont Avenue Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30am-12pm and 1:30pm-4:00pm. Lauri is best reached via email at
No declarations during the first two weeks of class and the last 2 weeks of the semester (RRR Week and Finals Week).

How to Declare:

Applications are accepted at any time of the year except during the first and last 2 weeks of the Fall & Spring semesters. No declarations during  RRR Week and Finals Week Please! Students can also declare during summer.

1) Legal Studies Application to the Major

2) Personal Essay (essay prompt is in the Application to the Major)

3) Petition to Declare a Double or Simultaneous Major ONLY

Pick ONE:
Petition to Declare Double Major (two L&S majors)
Petition to Declare Simultaneous Degree (two majors from different colleges/schools)

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