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1) Dept. of State/Study Abrd Event
2) eForm for Late Drops
3) Fill Out Your Course Evals!
4) Resources for Students
5) Honors Conference
6) Ca Legal Studies Jrnl 2020
7) Cool Fa20 Class
8) Pre-Law Mentorship


1) Dept. of State/Study Abrd Event

Dept. of State/Study Abrd Event

The Berkeley Study Abroad office is hosting a Department of State information session with our Local Diplomat in Residence this Wednesday, April 29th at 12:00pm PST. This event is open to all majors and backgrounds, but everyone must RSVP to acquire the Zoom link.

Translating Your Study Abroad Experience into opportunities with the U.S. Department of State


Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm, Diplomat in Residence for the Northwest and Legal Studies major Hugo Santiago, Class of 2020


2) eForm for Late Drops

eForm for Late Drops

L&S students can now drop a Spring ’20 course by completing an eForm.  This can be found on students’ Cal Central page, right column, Submit a Form, Request Spring 2020 Class Drop.


  • The late action, one-semester rule does not apply during Spring 2020 for late drops.
  • The eForm includes information for students receiving financial aid to contact FA if they have questions how the drop(s) might impact their aid.
  • The form will be routed to the Director of Athletic Eligibility for approval for student athletes because it will affect eligibility.
  • The form will be routed to the Berkeley International Office if an international student’s program falls below 12 units because it will affect Visa status.
  • The form will not be routed to major advisers for declared students.
  • A simultaneous degree student will not be able to use the eForm.  The student will get a message to submit the request to the other College (the other Colleges stated they will review each request, and they are aware that L&S will approve).  The other Colleges are not using the eForm.

Students requesting a late add or variable unit change will still need to use the paper petition since the request requires the instructor’s signature.  Late adds and variable unit change fall under the one-time/semester rule.  If used prior to this semester, the student will not be able to use again.  The petition can be found at and is submitted to

The deadline for the eForm and the paper petition is Wednesday, May 6, 11:59pm.

Late fees were waived for dropping or adding courses after March 28.


3) Fill Out Your Course Evals!

Fill Out Your Course Evals!

Dear Legal Studies Majors,

Please take a minute to fill out the online evals for your Sp20 classes.

The GSIs, especially, really rely on your responses to improve their teaching. And they use their scores and your comments when applying for professor positions later. Think back to before the crisis…how did the professor do…how did the GSI do? Tell it like it is/was.

When reviewing the GSI, review the GSI, not the professor.

Thank you!!!


4) Resources for Students

Resources for Students

    • The Cal Student Store is offering a no-cost solution to students who may have lost access to course materials that they previously shared with classmates or instructors, or accessed via the library. Through May 25, 2020, you can access an expansive catalog (tens of thousands of ebooks) of eTexts for free via VitalSource. All you need to do is to log-in to the VitalSource Bookshelf app using your Berkeley email address to view course materials from participating publishers. As with many free offers, this offer does end so please pay close attention to the expiration date to avoid unnecessary charges.
    • UC Library services and resources are still available during the closure, including access to digital versions of millions of physical volumes held by libraries across the 10-campus UC system through the Hathi Trust digital library.
    • Zoom Pro Accounts for Students. All registered undergraduate, graduate and professional school students now have access to Zoom Pro accounts at no additional cost to them. Among other features, this enables students to unlimited meeting minutes and 300-person meeting capacity. More details are available at
    • Technology Discounts and Financial Aid Adjustments. Take advantage of special student discounts on devices from major retailers. If you need additional funds to purchase a computing device, you may request a cost of living adjustment through the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.
    • Laptop and WiFi Hotspot Lending Program. If the technology resources you have available to you do not enable your effective participation in remote instruction or other academic work, visit the Laptop and WiFi Hotspot Lending Program page for information on the university’s lending program and access to discounts.
    • Tech Support. The Student Tech Support Helpdesk continues to be available Monday through Friday by phone at (510) 642-HELP and email at  Remote support by Zoom is available on a limited basis.
    • The Graduate Division has compiled academic and other resources for graduate students.
    • For undergraduates, the Student Learning Center remains open via Zoom, offering one-to-one support, drop-in tutoring, adjunct courses, study strategies workshops, study groups, language conversations, and community socials, as well as online resources to study more effectively.
    • Through the newly launched Stay Well Together initiative, students can find a comprehensive directory of resources on and off-campus to support their overall wellness.


5) Honors Conference

Honors Conference

Dear Legal Studies Students,

We invite you to this year’s Legal Studies Honors Research Conference, which will take place via Zoom on Monday May 4, beginning at 10 AM Pacific Time.  The program is below and the Zoom information will be sent out in the next listserve message.

Best, Lauren Edelman

Legal Studies Honors Research Conference

10:00am Welcome and conference opening – Prof. Edelman

10:05am Opening remarks – Dean Chemerinsky

All panels will be followed by brief Q&A sessions

10:20 11:15

  1. John Overing
  2. Blue Fay
  3. Amber Feng

Break: 11:15 – 11:25

11:25 12:20

  1. Mia Villaseñor
  2. Raika Kim
  3. Delaney Arth

Break: 12:20 – 12:30

12:30 1:25

  1. Michael Brust
  2. Coco Xu
  3. Kariamu Cross

Break: 1:25 – 1:35

Panel 1: Law & Everyday Life

“Attitudes & Law Governing Controversial Speakers on College Campuses”

“Export or Adaptation: The Legal and Political Contours of Pride in Shanghai and Beirut”

“The Tangled Web of Campus Policies: Perceived Inequities and Effects on Political and Advocacy RSOs”

Panel 2: Work & Employment

“Symbolic Rights: Experiences of Transgender and Non-Binary Employees at Organizations Rated on the Corporate Equality Index”

The Ability to Work: Perspective of Workers with Disabilities” “Women’s Approaches to Negotiation: The Role of

Negotiation in the Gender Pay Gap”

Panel 3: Making Legal Meaning

“What do they mean by disabled? An analysis of the Americans with Disabilities Act”

“Furious to be Taken at Her Own Word: Understanding Legal Consciousness Through The Handmaid’s Tale

“Responding to Injustice”

1:40 2:35

    1. Julia Fox
    2. Natalie Leifer


  • Trevor Lemings


Panel 4: Criminal Justice

“Policing in the Age of Camera Consciousness: A look into Officers’ Perceptions of Body Worn Cameras”

“Understanding a Vulnerable Population: San Francisco Police Officers’ Approach to Juvenile Interrogation”

County Response to Realignment” Concluding remarks/wrapping up: to 3pm


6) Ca Legal Studies Jrnl 2020

Ca Legal Studies Jrnl 2020

Congratulations to the students whose work is showcased as well as to the members of BLSA who put the Journal together! Please check out their hard work here:


7) Cool Fa20 Class

Cool Fa20 Class

*****Note****This course will not count towards the Legal Studies major requirements.


Public Policy 190 – 006 (3) Special Topics in Public Policy

Course Number: 17530

Schedule: Lecture Monday and Wednesday, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM and Discussion Friday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Off-Campus: IRLE – 2521 Channing Way

This course provides a broad, interdisciplinary overview of the U.S. labor movement in the fight for social and economic justice. It will introduce students to critiques of capitalism and the power dynamics inherent in paid work, while considering why and how workers form unions in response. One of the primary objectives of this course is to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of contemporary workers’ experiences in the U.S. shaped by race, class, gender, sexuality, immigration status, language, religion, and other social constructs. There will be a special comparative focus on the role of structures and the space for agency and mobilization in the Latinx, Black, and Asian American communities. The course will cover current challenges facing the U.S. workforce, such as wage theft, temporary and contingent employment, corporate restructuring, the impact of technology, and globalization. Despite tremendous political and legal obstacles, millennials are organizing to build power that is transforming their communities. In 2017, 76 percent of the increase in union membership was workers under 35. Disruptive innovations in workers’ rights campaigns such as the Fight for $15 and teachers’ walk-outs have led a resurgence of bargaining for the common good. The course will integrate guest speakers, films, current news, blogs, and community engagement to deepen students’ appreciation of the role of unions and workers’ centers in promoting intersectional equity and justice.

For more information visit the Labor Studies webpage at


8) Pre-Law Mentorship

Pre-Law Mentorship

The Pre-Law department in one of the ASUC Senator’s offices has put together a pre-law mentorship pilot program. We want to provide students with someone to discuss and guide their early decisions at Cal. The goal is to reach communities that are most in need of mentorship and we are working on a plan for targeted outreach in the fall. We need student leaders to help make this program successful. A mentorship could make all the difference for students, with your support we believe we can build this program into something that ALL new students can expect to have when they enter Cal.

It is going to be at most a biweekly commitment and we plan on hosting networking events and socials for mentors that join the program. If you would like more information, I have attached a one page description on the mentorship program as well. If you are interested, please fill out this short interest form. Thank you!


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