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1) LS 107/ LS 107WI
2) Honors Info Session
3) Intl Peer Advsr Job
4) Depositions
5) Law Revw Columbia
6) Honors Updates
7) Transfer Leadership Opp.
8) UCB Re: Grad Apps.
9) Virtual Career tips
10) Virtual Career Events
11) Call for Papers
12) Outstanding GSIs!
13) SLC Svcs
14) UCI Masters of Crim.
15) CER Wkshp
16) Practice Interviewing
17)Fllwshp Politics
18) Kaplan News
19) Sp20 Grading Policy
20) Career Center Rsrcs
21) L&S Remote Advsng
22) UCEAP Ddln


1) LS 107/107WI

LS 107/107WI

Prof. Kutz is offering LS 107 Fa20. One of the discussion sections is a writing intensive section that has special application instructions below. Everyone taking LS 107/LS 107WI will be in the same Lecture, it’s just the WI folks who will have different work in their section. See below.

107: Theories of Justice, Kutz, 4 units, Core (H) or Area II or III or IV
This is a lecture course in political philosophy, focusing on liberal political theory which emphasizes the protection of individual freedom as against social demands, the maintenance of social and economic equality, and the neutrality of the state in conditions of cultural and religious pluralism. By studying mainly modern authors, we will attempt to understand the importance of these goals and the possibility of their joint fulfillment. Attention will be paid to the work of John Rawls, to the problem of moral and political disagreement, and the relation between “ideal” thinking about justice and thinking about justice in conditions of racial, gender, and class hierarchies.

107WI: Writing Intensive Discussion Section 101 for Theories of Justice
This is one of the discussion sections for LS 107. It is a writing intensive discussion section. F 8-10

Application instructions: Students interested in enrolling in LS107WI should send the instructor, Professor Kutz,, a short paragraph describing their interest in the course and in the writing-intensive section. Please also submit a sample piece of essay/paper writing you have done in college (6 pages maximum length). It does not need to have been graded.


2) Honors Info Session

Honors Info Session

Professor Edelman will hold a Zoom Honors Info Session at 4 PM on Thursday, April 16th for those interested in applying for the 20-21 Legal Studies Honors Program.
Zoom info will be sent out later this week on this list.


3) Intl Peer Advsr Job

Intl Peer Advsr Job

The Career Center is looking for a talented student to join the team as the International Student Peer Advisor (part-time, on-campus job) to expand and enhance the office’s career services for international students.

See Handshake for more details and apply! Application deadline: April 15.
Have questions? Email Jing Han (Career Center Career Counselor for International Student) at


4) Depositions


Legal Studies Fall 2020 Announcement: An Opportunity for Undergrads to Participate in a Berkeley Law JD Skills Class with the OPTION of earning 1 unit of LS 199 Individual Research Credit

In Fall 2020undergraduates will have a unique opportunity to play the role of witnesses in a Berkeley Law JD Professional Skills Class (Depositions: Law 246.3), taught by Professor Henry Hecht.

Professor Hecht seeks six (6) students to serve as role-playing witnesses. Students selected will be expected to prepare in advance by reading a witness statement and a very limited amount of background material. Witnesses will then be expected to participate in the following six (6) classes on Tuesday afternoon classes from 3:35 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.: September 15; September 22; October 13; October 20; November 10; and November 17, 2020. During those classes, you will play the role of a witness for either the plaintiff or the defendant in a mock case. Students selected must be able to commit to attending all six (6) Tuesday afternoon classes.

Professor Hecht’s Depositions course is a lawyering skills course, in which Berkeley Law students, working in small groups, simulate the process of preparing witnesses for their depositions and then taking as well as defending their depositions. Practicing Bay Area lawyers attend these sessions, observe the law students in action, and critique their performances. (Note: A deposition is a pre-trial legal procedure in which witnesses in a civil lawsuit answer questions by the opposing parties under oath, typically in a law office.) Playing the role of a witness will allow you to gain insight into the US system of civil litigation and to see it in operation. In addition, it will provide a chance to meet and talk with Berkeley Law students and Bay Area attorneys. Finally, witnesses will earn a $50.00 Amazon gift card for their service.

To Apply:Please apply by e-mail to Professor Hecht’s assistant Monique Sanchez at, by no later than Thursday, September 3, at 5:00 p.m. Please include the words “Application to be a Witness” and your last name in the subject line of your e-mail. In your cover message, please include a brief statement about why you are interested in taking part in this class; and attach your resume.
Students’ applications will be reviewed by Professor Hecht, and he will notify students of his decisions by no later than Friday, September 4, at 5:00 p.m.

OPTION: Earn 1 Unit of LS 199 Course Credit for Supervised Independent Research with Professor Perry Students who choose this OPTION have the opportunity to earn one unit of LS 199 P/NP course credit for their service as a witness in Professor Hecht’s Depositions class under the supervisor of Professor Perry. In order to earn this supervised independent research credit, students will be required to do some additional readings on the civil litigation process and on the participant observation method, which are described below. At the end of the semester, students selecting this option must submit a paper of at least ten pages in length, exclusive of notes and bibliography. The requirements for the LS 199 course credit, offered by Professor Perry, are described below. Requirements for LS 199 credit: i. Attend all six class role playing sessions, and prepare for the role plays; ii. Take notes on what you did and what you observed, preferably in a small note pad, organized by the date of the session; and submit the raw, handwritten pages along with your final paper; iii. Read materials, posted on bCourses, on participant observation methods; and consider how those method(s) apply to your own experience; iv. Read two chapters, posted on bCourses, from Robert Kagan’s Adversarial Legalism: The American Way of Law, focusing especially on Chapter 6, which mentions depositions; v. Papers will be graded on a P/NP basis by Professor Perry.


5) Law Revw Columbia

Law Revw Columbia

The Columbia Undergraduate Law Review, a journal of undergraduate legal scholarship based at Columbia University in the City of New York, is accepting submissions for its Fall 2020 issue.

The deadline for submissions is May 31, by 11:59 PM, but we encourage you to submit before that deadline. In recognition of the various paths undergraduates may take to study law, we welcome submission of research articles, senior theses, and essays embracing a wide range of topics and viewpoints related to the field of law. Undergraduate students in any major, track, or class year should feel free to send us their work. Visit to view past journals or to read our mission statement.

Submissions should be double-spaced in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format, follow Chicago style citations, and include endnotes and a Works Cited section. Although we will consider submissions of any length, the majority of published pieces range from 20 to 25 pages (excluding references). Longer papers should be shortened to fit this page length recommendation before submission. Papers with footnotes or parenthetical citations will be considered, but the author must independently convert them to endnotes before the editing process. In the document, please also include the following information:
1. Your name
2. Current email address and phone number
3. College/University and year of graduation
4. Title
5. 250-word abstract
6. Short explanation of when and why paper was initially written

Please submit your article on our website under the “Submit” tab. Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Matthew Sidler
Executive Editor of Print, Columbia Undergraduate Law Review


6) Honors Updates

Honors Updates

Find updates to the gpa calculation in regards to applying and the level of honors at graduation:

Legal Studies Honors Program


7) Transfer Leadership Opp.

Transfer Leadership Opp.

The Transfer Student Center is offering leadership opportunities for transfer students. We have positions in Outreach, Education 198 Course, Events/Programming, and Operations. Students can earn up to 1-2 academic units for this exciting opportunity.

Application due on Friday, May 8th at 11:59pm


8) UCB Re: Grad Apps.

UCB Re: Grad Apps.

Recognizing the challenges to teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Provost and Deans of the University of California, Berkeley adopted the following principle:

UC Berkeley evaluates applicants for admission to its graduate and professional schools holistically, meaning that we consider an applicant’s combination of personal accomplishments, letters of recommendation, personal statements, academic record, and test scores in making our admissions decisions. Such a review will take into account the significant disruptions of COVID-19 when reviewing students’ transcripts and other admissions materials from Spring 2020. We understand that many institutions across the country instituted P/NP grading policies during that semester. Thus, we will not penalize students for the adoption of P/NP and other grading options during this unprecedented period, whether the choices were made by institutions or by individual students. Our admissions evaluation will focus primarily on a student’s academic performance prior to this period, and if applicable, following this period. What is most important is that applicants demonstrate that they pursued a challenging curriculum that was relevant to their plan for graduate or professional school.


9) Virtual Career tips

Virtual Career tips

Informational Interviews and Linkedin Networking: Job Search Post-COVID-19
The majority of news circulating as of late has been mostly negative surrounding the job search hunt, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up! There are opportunities that are available, and to help you connect to these opportunities, you want to have a solid plan for networking virtually.

Step 1: Polish Up Your Linkedin Profile
Linkedin is crucial to your job search and networking, because over 90% of recruiters look for new hires on this platform. Students shouldn’t simply create a Linkedin profile, you should also make sure to have it personalized and professional as this vastly increases your prospects of catching the eye of a recruiter!
· First, students should make sure that their biography is unique and professional, write like you are writing a much more creative cover letter,
· Next students should make sure that their job experience includes links to the company or pictures of work you have done for them! This makes your profile stand out to recruiters who want to see more creative new hires.
· Finally, you should make sure to request previous employer’s to write a recommendation for your previous work.
Click here for tips on polishing up your Linkedin profile!

Step 2: Connect through Informational Interviews
Informational Interviews are increasingly one of the few ways college students can network like they would at Career Connections event at The Career Center. Informational Interviews can be requested on Linkedin and Berkeley Career Network. Students can request an informational interview for an area of interest in regards to a career they want to pursue, by asking professionals about that particular role.
· Students can connect with Alumni on Linkedin by looking at the company you want to work for and then clicking on UC Berkeley Alumni who work there.
· You can easily request an informational interview by emphasizing what about the role is of interest to you and politely requesting to speak with them for 15 minutes.
· Lastly, students should never state that they only want a job/internship there because this doesn’t explain why you are interested in that Career field.
Click here for Informational Interview templates.
Click here for video tips on informational interviewing

Step 3: Don’t Stop The Job/Internship Search
Remember, just because the current situation for jobs/internships appears dire doesn’t mean there aren’t a variety of companies looking to new hire new graduates! As long as you have a strategic plan and you are consistently staying proactive with your jobs search you are sure to succeed! Next, here a couple of resources to help you find a job/internship this summer!
Here are a couple of resources for your Job/Internship Search
· Indeed is a wonderful job search platform with a variety of jobs/internship opportunities at small and large companies. They also have a wonderful career guide for students looking for jobs post-COVID-19. Click here for a Career Guide from Indeed.
· Localwise: Localwise specializes in local job opportunities in your area!
· JobSeek: JobSeek provides staffing agencies that are hiring temporary workers, if you need a job ASAP temp agencies are always looking for new workers.
Use the Career Center & Its 24/7 Resources
We offer remote appointments on Handshake; sign up as usual! We also have a plethora of online 24/7 resources that can help you in all aspects of your job search. Access them within the top right-hand menu item on our homepage. Please use us…we want to help!

If you need assistance, you can make a virtual appointment with a Career Counselor.


10) Virtual Career Events

Virtual Career Events

1. Job and Internship Search In Uncertain Times I Tuesday, April 21

Join the L&S Career Counseling team for a virtual discussion with five local recruiters on job/internship search strategies. Employers represented: SAP, Bain, ServiceNow, Walmart e-Commerce, and Education for Change Public Schools

2. L&S Career Chat Thursdays

The L&S team will be offering drop-in, virtual advising sessions every Thursday afternoon starting April 23 through May 7 from 1:00-5:00PM. Drop by anytime between 1:00-5:00PM on Zoom and stay as long you’d like. We’re here to answer your questions and support you with your job and internship search, provide networking strategies, and more.


11) Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Call for Submissions — Perennial: The Undergraduate Environmental Journal of Berkeley
Write for Perennial: The Undergraduate Environmental Journal of Berkeley, the first undergraduate environmental journal on campus. Perennial is a student-run publication that seeks to provide an accessible and diverse platform for the Berkeley community to share their insights on a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues.
Our Spring 2020 issue will feature articles concerning the theme “Justice.” As the world faces more complex and widespread environmental degradation, it is becoming more apparent that the effects of these issues are not spread evenly. In keeping with our theme, we ask that all submissions somehow incorporate environmental justice.
Please use this link to submit and review the submission guidelines before submitting an article. Our submission deadline is April 26th at 11:59 PST. If you have any questions please contact Perennial at


12) Outstanding GSIs!

Outstanding GSIs!

Colin Christensen, Kavitha Iyengar, and Mark Leinauer. Graduate Division has just named them as recipients of 2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards. Given this semester’s moratorium on in-person events, there will not be an Outstanding GSI Award Ceremony.The Outstanding GSI award is granted to only 10% of GSIs serving in a given year and is a true sign of teaching excellence.




The SLC Writing Program is pleased to share that all of our tutoring services are now available virtually. Students can book a 50-minute appointment or drop-in for a 30-minute session to meet one-to-one with a trained peer tutor to discuss their work at any stage of the writing process. Our new virtual tutoring services offer the same dynamic conversations and focused feedback as our in-person services.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share this information with your networks. Thank you for your time and support.

SLC Writing Program


14) UCI Masters of Crim

UCI Masters of Crim

Application Deadline for Fall 2020 is June 1, 2020
The GRE is not required. Application fee fellowship offered to new students who enroll this Fall.

The School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine offers an online Master of Advanced Study (MAS) degree in Criminology, Law and Society. Courses are taught by expert faculty members with a curriculum designed to help working professionals advance in their careers and help graduates further their education. The program has raised the standard for online learning with innovative learning platforms that make it easy to interact with instructors. It is currently ranked No.1 by U.S. News & World Report.


15) CER Wkshp

CER Wkshp

The Center for Ethnographic Research (CER) Workshop provides mentorship, hands-on research experience, and advanced training in designing and executing a project using qualitative methods for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. The CER Workshop will provide students with six weeks of intensive accelerated methodological training in the design and practice of qualitative methods. The topics in the seminars include the following:
· The Logic and Practice of Qualitative Research Design
· Participant Observation
· In-Depth Interviewing
· Qualitative Data Analysis
In addition to weekly seminars led by advanced graduate students, participants receive regular feedback on research project development and design.

During the CER workshop, students develop an empirical research project proposal for an honors thesis, master’s thesis, advanced methods class, scholarly article, or conference presentation. In this process, students develop hands-on research and logistical experience and receive structure and guidance in the development of an independent and original project. Students will walk away with a refined 6-page research proposal for their project. They will also gain first-hand experience in qualitative research data collection and analysis methods through a collective research project conducted during the six weeks of the workshop.

The workshop runs from June 15 – July 24. In-person group seminars will take place twice/week for three hours each, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-1. In addition, participants are expected to meet regularly with the graduate mentors on their individual projects. Participants should expect to spend about 20 hours per week in seminars, meetings, and completing assignments.

Cost and Scholarships
The six-week training course costs $1,200 per student. There are four scholarship spots available for UC Berkeley students majoring in Sociology and two scholarship spots for students from any college or university focusing on contemporary Native American issues. Scholarships will be awarded based on an assessment of the student’s academic record and proposed project. Scholarships cover $1,100 of the program costs (students will pay $100). Scholarships do not provide funds for room and board.

The application and more information are available here.

Applications are currently being reviewed on a rolling basis. We will notify you of our decision within three weeks after receiving your application.

Still have questions? Contact: (510) 642-0813

Please note, we also offer a one week intensive workshop for advanced graduate students, faculty, and professionals.
The Summer Workshop in Qualitative Methods is sponsored by the Center for Ethnographic Research (CER), based at the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues. CER’s mission is to promote and support interdisciplinary research on social issues using participant-observation and allied techniques. CER is international in its focus and encourages, supports, and facilitates research on a wide variety of topics that include, but are not limited to, inequality, poverty, race and ethnic relations, crime and violence, economic development, housing, health, and politics throughout the world.


16) Practice Interviewing

Practice Interviewing

How Soon-To-Be College Graduates Can Job Hunt During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Practice Interviewing with Big Interview
If you are wanting to prepare and practice for upcoming interviews. I highly recommend Big Interview as a way to get that practice in! Big Interview offers:
Challenging, virtual mock interviews for all experience levels and dozens of industries
A database of thousands of interview questions with tips on how to answer them
The ability to rate and share your interview answers for feedback
A comprehensive video training curriculum covering all aspects of landing a job
A step-by-step interview Answer Builder for crafting answers to behavioral questions.


17) Fllwshp Politics

Fllwshp Politics

The ideal candidate for Sapphire’s Election Year Fellowship is a graduating college senior with a strong interest in the role digital plays in progressive politics.

The Election Year Fellow will be a vital part of a team in executing digital fundraising and persuasion campaigns. Responsibilities include assisting in email drafting and production, online advertising campaign creation, building donation pages and compiling analytics. There will also be opportunities to assist with graphic designing. The fellowship is designed so that Fellows finish the program with a proficient understanding of digital political campaigns.

Salary is $3,750/month for this full-time position. This is a 6-month position that starts on June 1, 2020 and lasts through November 30,2020; a full commitment to the 6 months is required. For the right candidate, there may be opportunities to come on full-time after the fellowship is completed. Deadline April 1, 2020 — please submit resume and application to Graduating or recent college graduates are encouraged to apply.

You’ll be working closely with the whole team at Sapphire Strategies in all aspects of digital outreach and campaigns. This is an extremely multi-faceted experience and look into the digital campaigning world. You’ll learn how to write/build fundraising emails, create online adverting campaigns and help with analyzing analytics. The internship pays a $15/hour and requires a 20 hours minimum per week. Deadline April 17, 2020 — please submit cover letter and resume to

The ideal candidate will have: a passion for advancing progressive and Democratic values, particularly in the digital space. Attention to detail. Strong writing and editing skills.


18) Kaplan News

Kaplan News


Who could have imagined even a few short weeks ago we’d be where we are today. While the future feels uncertain right now when it comes to your school or campus, we want to share with you some of the ways that we are here to support our students and our partners during this global health crisis.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand, Kaplan has sought and received a lot of feedback from our students, in relation to their needs during this time. In response, we have implemented several significant changes to our program management, in an effort to reduce risk or harm to our students, instructors, and staff while also proactively putting into place certain measures to ensure continuity of service and flexible, empathic care for people studying with us.

Kaplan In Person classes and tutoring temporarily moved to live online
Most importantly, in an effort to adhere to social distancing recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and other public health authorities, we have temporarily transitioned all currently-active In Person classes to our online classroom environment. With over a decade of experience in delivering online classes, our instructors know how to replicate the interactive In Person class experience in an online environment. Similarly, all In Person tutoring is now being provided online via Zoom where students and tutors can connect face-to-face from any location.

Enrollment extensions for currently-enrolled students
As news of schools, universities, and testmakers changing their operations has emerged, it’s become clear that the coronavirus is causing significant disruption to testing timelines. Because of this, we have proactively extended students’ access to their online resources through the summer/into the fall and will continue to work closely with those who need or want to change their class start date or prep options.
Real-time, validated information delivered directly to students
In this extremely unsettling time, we know that students need and are searching for communities through which they can access reliable and trustworthy information, grounding and stability, and just as importantly connection and care. We have been in regular and frequent contact with students currently enrolled in our courses, via email and in-syllabus messaging, in order to provide them with real-time information regarding test date cancellations, testing center closures, and other aspects of their test preparation that may be impacted by the pandemic.

More information in our FAQ
You can find additional information about Kaplan’s response to the pandemic, and how we are supporting students through it, by referencing our FAQ, which is being updated regularly.

We’re in this together
Our primary concern is for the wellness and safety of every student, every instructor, every member of our staff, and for the larger academic communities with whom we work and partner in support of helping people realize their potential and see their goals and aspirations become achievable. In moments like this, we are especially mindful that learning is relational, and at its best is centered on the needs of humans. We will continue to provide timely, verified information to students and stakeholders as it becomes available. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are in need of additional information.

Be well, and stay safe.
Krystin Major
Program Lead, Pre-Law, Admissions Institutional Sales


19) Sp20 Grading Policy

Sp20 Grading Policy

The College of L&S has created a page that gets updated every now and again.
There are some good FAQ’s at the bottom of the page:


20) Career Center Rsrcs

Career Center Rsrcs

· Read: The Job & Internship Search in Turbulent Times
· Book a virtual Career Counseling Appointment
· Find & attend virtual events
· Check out these online resources for UC Berkeley students
· Update your profile in Handshake
· Watch our YouTube videos and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

General questions or inquiries? Send it to


21) L&S Remote Advsng

L&S Remote Advsng


22) UCEAP Ddln


April 27, 2020 is the deadline for select Spring 2021 UCEAP options.

You can find program prerequisites, notes from advisers, and application instructions on our website. (Click on the pink plus symbol next to your program choice.)

If you have any questions about these programs, please email your adviser. Please note that advisers are offering advising services remotely until further notice.

Attend our “How to Apply” webinar on April 22nd, 2-3 p.m. RSVP Here!


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Legal Studies Program

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