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1) Lauri’s Hours Wed 6/12
2) Honors Apps Due 6/15
3) Job
4) Depositions
5) Peer Mentor Opp.
6) California Legal Studies Journal
7) Digital LSAT info
8) Law-rltd Su19 Course
9) Career Cntr Alumni Svcs
10) Campus Job


1) Lauri’s Hours Wed 6/12

Lauri’s Hours Wed 6/12


(It’s Staff Appreciation Day)


2) Honors Apps Due 6/15

Honors Apps Due 6/15

For all of you who are interested in applying for the honors program, here are the details:

Hurry, Hurry!


3) Job


Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Law Offices of David E. Wise
San Francisco

Job Description:

David Wise is a solo criminal defense attorney. He is seeking a new legal assistant or paralegal to assist with administrative support, document drafting and review, and general file organization. This is a part time position. No experience is required, but a lot will be gained.

Priority Deadline: June 15th

Please send your resume and any questions to


4) Depositions

Legal Studies Fall Fall 2019 Announcement: An Opportunity for Undergrads to Participate in a Berkeley Law JD Skills Class with the OPTION of earning 1 unit of LS 199 Individual Research Credit

In Fall 2019, undergraduates will have a unique opportunity to play the role of witnesses in a Berkeley Law JD Professional Skills Class (Depositions: Law 246.3), taught by Professor Henry Hecht.

Professor Hecht seeks six (6) students to serve as role-playing witnesses. Students selected will be expected to prepare in advance by reading a witness statement and a very limited amount of background material. Witnesses will then be expected to participate in six (6) classes Tuesday afternoon classes from 3:35 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., on September 17, September 24, October 15, October 22, November 12, and November 19, 2019. During those sessions, you will play the role of a witness for either the plaintiff or the defendant in a mock case. Students selected must be able to commit to attending all six (6) Tuesday afternoon classes.

Professor Hecht’s Depositions course is a lawyering skills course, in which Berkeley Law students, working in small groups, simulate the process of preparing witnesses for their depositions and then taking as well as defending their depositions. Practicing Bay Area lawyers attend these sessions, observe the law students in action, and critique their performances. (Note: A deposition is a pre-trial legal procedure in which witnesses in a civil lawsuit answer questions by the opposing parties under oath, typically in a law office.)

Playing the role of a witness will allow you to gain insight into the US system of civil litigation and to see it in operation. In addition, it will provide a chance to meet and talk with Berkeley Law students and Bay Area attorneys. Finally, witnesses will earn a $50.00 Amazon gift card for their service.

To Apply:

Please apply by e-mail to Professor Hecht’s assistant Stephanie Dorton at, by no later than Thursday, September 5, at 5:00 p.m. Please include the words “Application to be a Witness” and your last name in the subject line of your e-mail. In your cover message, please include a brief statement about why you are interested in taking part in this class; and attach your resume.

Students’ applications will be reviewed by Professor Hecht, and he will notify students of his decisions by no later than Friday, September 6, at 5:00 p.m.

OPTION: Earn 1 Unit of LS 199 Course Credit for Supervised Independent Research with Professor Perry

Students who choose this OPTION have the opportunity to earn one unit of LS 199 P/NP course credit for their service as a witness in Professor Hecht’s Depositions class under the supervisor of Professor Perry. In order to earn this supervised independent research credit, students will be required to do some additional readings on the civil litigation process and on the participant observation method, which are described below. At the end of the semester, students selecting this option must submit a paper of at least ten pages in length, exclusive of notes and bibliography. The requirements for the LS 199 course credit, offered by Professor Perry, are described below. Requirements for LS 199 credit: i.               Attend all class role playing sessions, and prepare for the role plays; ii.            Take notes on what you did and what you observed, preferably in a small note pad, organized by the date of the session; and submit the raw, handwritten pages along with your final paper; iii.          Read materials, posted on bCourses, on participant observation methods; and consider how those method(s) apply to your own experience; iv.           Read two chapters, posted on bCourses, from Robert Kagan’s Adversarial Legalism: The American Way of Law, focusing especially on Chapter 6, which mentions depositions;   v.             Papers will be graded on a P/NP basis by Professor Perry.


5) Peer Mentor Opp.

Peer Mentor Opp.
Apply To be a Cultural Peer Mentor!

  • Are you interested in making new friends from various countries?
  • Are you eager to learn about different cultures and languages?
  • Do you want to increase your leadership, event planning, and intercultural skills?

Who Are We?

The Cultural Peer Mentors (CPM’s) serve to provide guidance, resources, and support to visiting international students who are studying at UC Berkeley as part of the Berkeley International Study Program (BISP). We are here to assist BISP students to make successful cultural and academic transitions at UC Berkeley. Our aim is for Cal students and visiting international students to develop an awareness of other cultures and their own cultural style through frequent interaction with each other. These skills are essential in an increasingly globalized economy and for working across differences.

Each semester, the Berkeley International Study Program (BISP) welcomes well over 400 international students from around the globe who come to study at UC Berkeley for 1-2 semesters, and the Cultural Peer Mentors are instrumental in assisting them with their transition!

In this program, you will:

  1. Meet friends from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.
  2. Share your passions and interests with BISP students by planning events for your own group of mentees.
  3. Become an ambassador to visiting international students and show them what life in the U.S. is truly like, beyond what they see on TV.
  4. Work with a dynamic team of Cultural Peer Mentors to develop your leadership, event planning, and intercultural skills!


  • Be a current undergraduate student at UC Berkeley with at least one academic year of study remaining.
  • Strong leadership skills and willingness to take the initiative.
  • Be empathetic, able to interact effectively and patiently with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and with different levels of English proficiency.
  • Possess positive communication and teamwork skills.
  • Plan at least 3 activities per semester for a group of ~80 mentees with your co-leader.
  • Assist in planning and execution of 2-3 bigger events per semester for the mentees.

This is a year-long volunteer position with an event-planning budget.

If you are interested in becoming a Cultural Peer Mentor, please complete the online application here:

Interviews will be held in person and via Skype throughout the summer.

FINAL DEADLINE: Friday, July 26

Please feel free to contact me via email ( if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Rachel E. Marquez


6) California Legal Studies Journal

California Legal Studies Journal

The California Legal Studies Journal has been revived and is now available on our website!

Please see the list of contributors and article titles below:

Andrea Lazo Cadaing: Law on the Books vs. in Action

Fisher v. University of Texas, Austin (2013)

Bereket Getachew: Community Energy or Corporate Energy?: The Renewable Energy Sources Act of 2014

Danielle Santos: Should We Rely on AI in the Courtroom?

How the use of Algorithms as tools for Risk Assess-ment in Sentencing May Result in Disparate Impact

Mia Villaseñor: The Law and Economics of Religious Exemptions for Adop-tion Agencies in Cases of Same-Sex Fostering and Adoption

Sarah Manthorpe: Physical Attractiveness in the Courts

The “What is Beautiful is Good” Theory as Bias in Juries


7) Digital LSAT info

Digital LSAT info

Digital LSAT E-Book
Are you ready for the digital LSAT? See strategies for the exam’s new look from Kaplan’s LSAT masters. Get the e-book.

Digital LSAT Tips
If you’re planning to take the test in July or later this year, you may encounter the digital LSAT. Check out Kaplan’s Top 4 Tips and Strategies for owning test day. See tips.

LSAT Pop Quiz
Start practicing with Kaplan’s pop quiz for LSAT—a tool you can use no matter which version you take in July. Take the quiz.


8) Law-rltd Su19 Course

Law-rltd Su19 Course

There are still seats available in the following course.
I’ve been asked to advertise this:

Session D
AsAmStd 141: Law in the Asian American Community (4) (Area II or IV)
Course will examine the nature, structure, and operation of selected legal institutions as they affect Asian American communities and will attempt to analyze the roles and effects of law, class, and race in American society.


9) Career Cntr Alumni Svcs

Career Cntr Alumni Svcs

Alumni Services Now Free for Eligible Grads

Congratulations on completing the semester! For those of you who are graduating, congratulations on your achievement on finishing your degree! As a note, starting with the May 2019 cohort, all new alumni will have ongoing access to all services, including Handshake, Career Fairs and Counseling Appointments, for the 12 months following graduation!

Check out for more details.


10) Campus Job

Campus Job

Job Description
Job Title:
Program Specialist, International Programs (4168U) – #26965
Job ID:
Location: Main Campus-Berkeley
Full/Part Time:
Unex Academic Depts
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About Berkeley
The University of California, Berkeley, is one of the world’s most iconic teaching and research institutions. Since 1868, Berkeley has fueled a perpetual renaissance, generating unparalleled intellectual, economic and social value in California, the United States and the world. Berkeley’s culture of openness, freedom and acceptance—academic and artistic, political and cultural—make it a very special place for students, faculty and staff.

Berkeley is committed to hiring and developing staff who want to work in a high performing culture that supports the outstanding work of our faculty and students. In deciding whether to apply for a staff position at Berkeley, candidates are strongly encouraged to consider the alignment of the Berkeley Workplace Culture with their potential for success at

Application Review Date
The First Review Date for this job is: June 7, 2019
Departmental Overview
UC Berkeley Extension is the continuing education branch of the University of California, Berkeley. Extension offers more than 2,000 courses per year in a variety of subjects both online and in the classroom. Extension’s administrative departments and units include student records (transcripts), registration, scheduling, international student services, facilities, financial services, and the cashier’s office. In addition to the main Berkeley center, it has responsibility for the maintenance and operation of regional centers in San Francisco (Spear Street), and Belmont and other leased facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.
• Plans and develops new programs and curriculum, and organizes, adjusts, and supports existing courses and curriculum in a continuing education/international education environment.
• Works directly with instructors and liaison campus department directors and in some cases associate deans to secure academic approval for courses submitted to COCI (Committee of Courses on Instruction), proactively and independently tracking, troubleshooting, and resolving issues as needed.
• Assists in finalizing course syllabi for the Course and Instructor Approval (CIA) Process providing direction on how best to optimize documents for the processes.
• Actively participates in long-range strategic planning for public educational/international education programs.
• Conducts in-depth market and competitive research on potential new international programs as well as analysis and assessment of Berkeley’s internal capabilities and thoroughly documents  recommendations for a decision to create a new or modified course, program, or special initiative (e.g. alumni network program, internship program, mentorship program).
• Responsible for keeping program application and enrollment data up to date and putting together metrics that are comparable across each term for optimal mid to long term planning for student enrollment growth.
• Responsible for putting together comprehensive analysis reports per term based on end of semester program evaluations on student learning and student experience.
• Leads on creating new approaches and recommendations on how to create healthier and top quality learning environments for international students.
• Participates in developing strategic market plans and target audiences.
• Leads recruiting reporting and analytics for programs supported.
• Produces regular summaries on program highlights and student demographics for university partners, agents, counselors, and other key stakeholders and proactively produces insightful reports as needed to help stakeholders understand recruitment issues and inform critical decision making.
• Evaluates prospective program partnerships.
• Recruits, selects, orients, evaluates and supervises qualified course and program instructors.
• Works with liaison campus department directors to identify potential instructors; coordinates instructor interviews, and is involved in assessing instructor candidates.
• Manages contracts and instructor agreements for instructors, course facilitators, coaches or special instructors.
• Identifies and develops evaluation tools for courses, instructors and programs.
• Evaluates and adjusts course curriculum through student/participant evaluations and level of interest shown.
• Tracks student or participant performance and course desirability.
• Responsible for putting together comprehensive analysis reports per term based on end of semester program evaluations and also course evaluations on student learning outcomes and student experience.
• Coordinates conducting student focus group sessions and summarizes feedback to identify what improvements are needed for the program and how to best meet international students’ needs.
• Recommends changes to program curriculum based on this feedback to the program director and//or liaison campus department director or associate dean and facilitates process of making decision.
• Determines instructor objectives, methods of instruction and locations.
• May provide presentation or instruction of course or program.
• Facilitates and supports own and others special program events.
• Represents Berkeley Extension at all functions and events for the program.
• Organizes and coordinates student/instructor orientations, information sessions, departmental program extracurricular activities/workshops/cohort lunches, guest speakers, and closing ceremonies.
• Serves as the lead in coordinating site visits at various Bay Area entities (e.g. companies, startups, nonprofits, courts).
• Collaborates with student advisors and other staff including liaison campus department directors to put together presentations; verifies presentation and handout information for accuracy.
• Conducts presentations, facilitates workshops and information sessions at orientation events; presents program information to incoming students in person and also digitally or in a hybrid format representing Extension and also partnered liaison campus department.
• Plans and schedules course offerings, identifies course topics.
• Directly or as a lead to more junior staff, establishes and maintains files for students, courses, instructors, and program schedules on all applicable systems and arranges for logistical support of courses, programs, and meetings which may include: exams, audio-visual equipment, computers, photocopying, textbook orders, catering, lodging, support staff/cashier needs and other course materials.
• Develops, prepares and reconciles budget for program.
• Tracks budget for program(s) and keeps the finance team accountable and works to trouble shoot discrepancies.
• May serve as a work leader directing the work of more junior staff and/or supervising student workers.
• Track and proactively follow up with other team members, including senior staff and campus partners, on their agreed upon assignments, deliverables, and task work related to the international programs supported.
• May provide training or mentoring to instructors.
Required Qualifications
• Thorough knowledge of functional area and understanding of how work may impact other areas.
• Thorough analytical skills to conduct analysis and develop recommendations, demonstrating organization and problem-solving skills.
• Thorough knowledge of and skill in delivering programs.
• Thorough knowledge of current public educational programs and trends.
• Thorough skills to conduct needs assessment and development of new presentations/courses to meet organizational needs.
• Knowledge of managing a portfolio of business and management courses at the university or corporate level.
• Skill in using business software systems in the completion of work assignments; i.e. Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.
• Thorough knowledge of work environments in international higher education institutions, their organizational structure and processes.
• Thorough knowledge of international higher education systems and their issues of concern with respect to developments in global economics and geopolitics.
• Thorough written, verbal and interpersonal communications, tact and political acumen to effectively represent the campus and interact with representatives and leaders of higher education institutions and corporations.
• Advanced written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, including skill to produce information that is appropriately presented and effectively received by target constituencies.
• Advanced intercultural communication skills to effectively manage intercultural teams as well as the relations with international students and life-long learners, parents, agents and representatives of institutional or corporate partners.
• Active listening skills, including advanced critical thinking and analytical skills.
• Skill to recognize potential areas of constituency concern and address, resolve and/or mitigate problems or issues.
• Ideal candidate will be a self-starter, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
• Thorough research, analytical and critical thinking skills, including sound judgment and decision-making skills and skill to correctly identifying real and potential problems, advising directors as required, and proposing effective strategic resolutions.

• Bachelors degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training. Continuing education in related field required.
• 1-3 years of international work experience.

Preferred Qualifications
• 3-5 years of progressive experience in international higher education administration is highly preferred.
Salary & Benefits
The position is non-exempt, bi-weekly paid position. Hourly pay for this role is commensurate with experience.

For information on the comprehensive benefits package offered by the University visit:

How to Apply
Please submit your cover letter and resume as a single attachment when applying.
Other Information
Two positions available.  This is a 40-hour per week, 12-month, temporary (Contract) appointment.
Conviction History Background
This is a designated position requiring fingerprinting and a background check due to the nature of the job responsibilities.  Berkeley does hire people with conviction histories and reviews information received in the context of the job responsibilities.    The University reserves the right to make employment contingent upon successful completion of the background check.
Equal Employment Opportunity
The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status. For more information about your rights as an applicant see:
For the complete University of California nondiscrimination and affirmative action policy see:

Click here for more information


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