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1) Living Catalogue
2) GenEq Intrnshps
3) Advising Hold
4) Sign up to Walk!
5) Honors Conf.


1) Living Catalogue

Living Catalogue

Need help picking classes for the summer or fall?

Come join us this Thursday, April 12th at 5:45 pm!!!
2204 Piedmont Ave. (The Legal Studies Office Seminar Room)

Come join us for the Living Catalogue, where professors will be talking about their upcoming courses and passing out syllabi for fall and summer courses.

There will be pizza at the event!


2) GenEq Intrnshps

GenEq Intrnshps

Join the GenEq Intern!  7 Exciting Opportunities 

We are currently recruiting interns to join our team-forward this to others who you feel might be interested in these opportunities below!  

Applications open for Summer & Fall 2018 positions. Applications are due by Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 11:59pm.

Only undergraduate and graduate students registered for Fall 2018 may apply
Positions open to students with work study as well as those who don’t receive work study funding
Applicants must have at least two semesters remaining at Cal and commit to an appointment through spring 2019
Below are the vacancies currently available within our internship program. Please note the start dates for each. Please read through the full job descriptions before applying.

Positions Available (click each one to read job descriptions)

Special Projects & Education Intern – $15/hr (position begins Fall 2018)

LGBTQ+ Alumni Engagement & Fundraising Assistant – $15/hr (position begins Fall 2018)

Marketing, Outreach & Volunteer Coordination Intern – $15/hr (positions begins Fall 2018)

Program Assistant – $15/hr (positions available in Summer and Fall 2018)

Videographer Intern – $18/hr (position begins May 29, 2018)

Wonder Women Weekly Undergraduate Coordinators – $15/hr (positions available in summer and fall 2018)

Wonder Women Weekly Graduate Coordinator – $22/hr (position begins May 29, 2018)

Information on the GenEq Internship Program and volunteer opportunities may be found here.

Interns are a part of a larger collective.  We anticipate that each intern will have their own interests and strengths, and may naturally gravitate towards a particular topic area or type of work – but to work collectively, the intern must actively contribute their ideas and perspectives and support the work of their fellow interns.

We seek applicants who are creative and highly enthusiastic about this work and these topics.  We seek students who are invested in developing a community in which we challenge each other to grow, and hold one another accountable, through reflection, dialogue and action.

The GenEq Internship Program offers an opportunity for UC Berkeley students to build upon their leadership skills creating programs, resources and initiatives that seek to create a more welcoming and inclusive campus. Our approach to addressing topics of gender and sexuality is  intersectional and encourages students to strive for creating space and place that resists exclusion while expanding notions of inclusion.

Questions?  Email or call 510.643.0788.


3) Advising Hold

Advising Hold

Don’t Wait!

If you are currently declared as a Legal Studies major and not on the Sp 18 or Su18 degree lists, there is an automatic hold placed on your registration. You need to come in.
The hold is there to prompt students to get major advising once a semester before registering for classes for the following term.

Please come by now, during my drop in hours (8:30-12 and 1:30-4 unless I send out a message about a change in my office hours.
Come in before registration begins on April 16th.

ONLY students who are abroad, at UCDC or are being readmitted for Fa18 may e-mail me regarding the hold.

When you come in, please check to see if I have someone in my office by waving or catching my eye, then please wait out in the lobby if I’m with someone.
Please let’s keep our meeting brief and to the point.

Once registration begins, those who wait until the last minute will often find a queue of students.
I don’t want you to have to wait in line.
Please don’t wait until the last minute and then stress out, that’s not good for anyone.

I’ve already seen 85 of you so thank you very much!
There are about 115 more of you who need to come in, so let’s get going! 😉


4) Sign up to Walk!

Sign up to Walk!

Graduating Seniors!
Sign up to walk, get your name in the program, secure 2 free tickets and purchase additional tickets now.
The link is at the bottom of the ‘Commencement’ page on our website:
** Sign up to walk in the Legal Studies Ceremony, get your name in the program, get 2 free tickets, and purchase additional tickets.
DEADLINE:  April 12
** Ticket pick up begins from Lauri:  April 16th  8:30-12 and 1:30-4
** Guests 5 years or under NEED A TICKET, ask Lauri for FREE tickets at the time you pick up your other tickets.
** If you need to buy extra tickets after your initial purchase, please go back to the form and:
– Enter your name
– Enter your phone number
– Enter your e-mail address
– Enter an ‘x’ into each of the questionnaire fields, then hit submit to get to the purchase page.
** NO tickets will be sold at the door.
** DEADLINE TO PURCHASE TICKETS: May 10  (pick up from Lauri May 11)


5) Honors Conf.

Honors Conf.

Please come!

F R I D A Y , A P R I L 2 7 , 2 0 1 8
2 2 4 0 P I E D M O N T A V E N U E
1 0 T H A N N U A L


Come hear your friends and colleagues present their honors research!

8:30 am Welcome Breakfast, Kadish Library

9:00-9:15 am Introductory Remarks, Kadish Library
Professor Lauren Edelman, Honors Program Director
Professor Jonathan Marshall, Director of Legal Studies

9:15-10:35 am Everyday Understandings Of and Reactions To Law
Moderator: Abigail Stepnitz, JSP

* John McPherson, “Sexual and Gender Identity: Perceptions About Workplace
Harassment in Contemporary America”

* Noah Brownlow, “A Dangerous Job: Harassment, Discrimination, and
Perceptions of Risk in the Fire Service”

* Daniel Billostas, “Thinking About Mandatory Arbitration: An Analysis of How
Consumers Understand Arbitration Agreements”

* Jacob Basinger, “Building the Beach: Exploring the Factors Affecting
Decisions to Invest in Coastal Property”

10:45-11:45 am Constructing and Mobilizing Rights
Moderator: Shikha Bhattacharjee, JSP

* Hannah Bagdasar “Human Rights in a Social Media Era”

* Leilanie Martinez, “Access to Justice for Women of Color Fighting Evictions”

* Violeta Padilla Shows, “Poor Women and the Mobiliziation of their Welfare-
Related Rights”

11:45 am-1 pm Catered Lunch, Kadish Library

1:00-2:20pm Power, Institutions, and Punishment
Moderator: Johann Koehler, JSP

* Caitlin Hoover, “A Model Institution: Power, Abuse, and Civilizing Unfolded
Through the 1869 San Francisco Industrial School Investigation”

* Marnie Lowe, “Resonance, Radicalism, and the Death Penalty: A Framing
Analysis of the Anti-Death Penalty Movement, 1965-2014”

* Madison Miller, “Discretion and Decision Making: Prosecutorial Procedure in
. Criminal Cases Involving Minors”

* Julia Ornell, “Assessing Threats: Police Injury & Police Behavior”

2:20 pm Closing Remarks & Reception, Kadish Library
Schedule of Events


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