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1) Lauri’s Hours Fri 12/15
2) SLC Tutor Job
3) Dscvry/Big Ideas Courses
4) Big Ideas Course
5) Law Firm Job
6) Senior Portraits
7) Am Bar Fndtn Su Fllwshp
8) Mills College Ops.


1) Lauri’s Hours Fri 12/15

Lauri’s Hours Fri 12/15

Lauri’s 12/15 office hours are as follows:



2) SLC Tutor Job

SLC Tutor Job

Happy finals week from the SLC Writing Program!

As we gear up for Spring 2018, we’re excited to invite undergraduates to apply for our new tutor cohort! In the past year, we’ve served over 2,000 student writers—a 20% increase in program usage—and we hope to bolster our tutor cohort to meet growing demand. In order to reach a larger pool of candidates, we would appreciate your help spreading the word to your student writers.

Our next review dates are 12/15, 1/5, and 1/12. Priority will go to early bird applications received by 12/15. We thank you in advance for your time and support!

SLC Writing Program


3) Dscvry/Big Ideas Courses

Dscvry/Big Ideas Courses

***NOTE: These courses do not satisfy requirements for the Legal Studies major.***

The Planets: satisfies Physical Science breadth.
Co-taught by Courtney Dressing and Raymond Jeanloz

Environmental Issues: Satisfies Biological Science or Social and Behavioral Studies breadth.  Taught by Ron Amundson

Living on the Edge (about the hazards threatening populations inhabiting the coastal regions bordering the Pacific Ocean and the engineering and societal challenges these hazards pose): satisfies Physical Science breadth.
Taught by Robert Kayen

Physics for Future Presidents: Satisfies Physical Science breadth
Taught by Holger Muller

And seats were just opened up in a couple of additional sections of the wildly popular L&S 160B course: Effective Personal Ethics for the 21st Century, taught by Jack Phillips. These will go fast.

Finally, this is not a Discovery Course, but there are seats available in the Arts Entrepreneurship course, L&C 105.


4) Big Ideas Course

Big Ideas Course

Here’s a long description for a course that still has room…

***NOTE: These courses do not satisfy requirements for the Legal Studies major.***
One of the most remarkable courses on campus still has over 20 seats available, probably because students need to apply to enroll. I think that scares them off–or they are reluctant to “waste” units on a course that they may not get into. Ironically this means that pretty much everyone who applies gets in. The professors are looking for students of all backgrounds, no specific major, and all levels. They want a good mix.

What is this amazing class? The Sense and Sensibility and Science Big Ideas Course. This is an only-in-Berkeley experience, not to be missed. Where else would you find a Nobel Laureate in Physics co-teaching a course with a philosopher and a social psychologist? And not only that, it’s a lower-division course for non-majors. Who does that?? And not only that, but the professors hang around after class for a half hour most weeks, to chat with whoever wants to chat with them. If you were a student wouldn’t you jump at the chance to get to know Saul Perlmutter and John Campbell and Tania Lombrozo, up close and personal?

What’s more, this is a class that teaches you to THINK BETTER! And it’s super interactive–they have a rule that they never lecture for over 10 minutes at a stretch. The pedagogy is unusually innovative, and they are always improving it, with input from the students. If everyone in the world took this class a lot of the problems we are having (like people not being able to tell the difference between real and fake news, or what happens when democracy looks more like mob rule) would disappear. I am not kidding or exaggerating.

The course is L&S 22, Sense and Sensibility and Science. Interested students should waitlist themselves and fill in the simple application form they can find on our site.

This course satisfies Philosophy and Values, Physical Science, or Social and Behavioral Science breadth. That gives you a sense of just how awesome it is.

Thanks in advance for helping to spread the work to all of your most intellectually curious and rigorous students!

(This message was from a staff person at the College of L&S.)


5) Law Firm Job

Law Firm Job

San Francisco, CA

Application Deadline: 12/31/2017


Job Description
Rudy, Exel rod, Zieff & Lowe, LLP is a leading law firm in the field of employee rights and
protections. We seek a Litigation Assistant to assist the firm’s attorneys and administrative
staff on cases brought to enforce state and federal employment laws, including anti-discrimination laws, wage and hour laws and whistleblower protection and anti-retaliation
laws. Job duties will include general administrative support, client services, identifying and interviewing witnesses, trial preparation and assistance, document investigation, and
developing and1implementing systems for document management and e-discovery. The firm sees this position as ideal for someone seeking law firm experience prior to entering law school.

Compensation is commensurate with experience, and the firm offers a complete benefits

For more information on our firm please visit our website:

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
• An interest in the litigation process, including trial preparation, court filing procedures, and discovery;
• Good working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and a willingness to learn document management software, e-discovery, and legal research tools;
• Analytical and problem-solving skills;
• Ability and willingness to work well with others in a fast-paced, sometimes high-stress litigation environment;
• Four year degree preferred.

To apply, please submit cover letter and resume by December 31, 2017 to John Mullan at Put “Litigation Assistant” in your subject line.


6) Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

Reminder to all Seniors! Make sure you sign up for Senior Portraits so you can be in the Blue & Gold Yearbook. The registration link is here: and you can create an account with GoBears as the school password.


7) Am Bar Fndtn Su Fllwshp

Am Bar Fndtn Su Fllwshp

We are now accepting applications to the Montgomery Summer Research Diversity Fellowship for the summer of 2018 and highly encourage you to speak of this wonderful opportunity to your undergraduate students.

The American Bar Foundation is pleased to sponsor an annual summer research fellowship for undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds interested in pursuing graduate studies in the social sciences. Each student will be assigned to an American Bar Foundation research professor who will involve the student in his or her research project and act as a mentor during the student’s tenure. The students will also participate in a series of in-house seminars and field visits to get acquainted with the many facets of sociolegal research and the legal system. Site visits include going to law firms, social justice oriented non-profits, criminal court, and Northwestern graduate school classes. Each student will receive a stipend of $3,600. The American Bar Foundation will provide housing for students during their stay, and will pay for transportation to and from Chicago for the student.

Visit the following link to apply on or before February 15, 2018:

More information can be found on the American Bar Foundation website:

We are looking forward to reviewing this year’s pool of applicants! If you have any questions about the fellowship, please do not hesitate to email me. Thanks very much!
Willa Sachs
Program Associate, Montgomery Summer Research Diversity Fellowship
Editorial Coordinator, Law & Social Inquiry


8) Mills College Ops.

Mills College Ops.

There are new opportunities for Berkeley students at Mills College in Oakland. UCB students can now participate in special academic and residential programs offered by Mills, including:

  • Cross-registration in introductory biology (equivalent to BIOLOGY 1A + 1B), art studio courses, and more
  • Housing at Mills with shuttle service to and from Berkeley
  • Fast-tracked masters degrees for students who complete the Berkeley Charter of Professional Accountancy or BASE Summer Program through Haas

Mills College is a nationally renowned independent liberal arts college that offers degree programs for undergraduate women and graduate degree and certificate programs for both women and men. Mills and Berkeley recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding formalizing collaboration between our two institutions.

For more information about Mills and student opportunities, visit the VCUE website or email

##########   Happy Holidays Everyone!  ###########

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