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1) Rally Today @Noon!!
2) Legalst 159 Open!
3) Slavery & Conspiracy
4) SMART Prog
5) U.S. PIRG
6) Prizes & Honors
7) Dth Pnlty Clinic Intrnshp
8) Oxford Centre Journal
9) Rhet Undrgrd Jrnl


1) Rally Today @Noon!!

Rally Today @Noon!!


The faculty equity advisors across campus are hosting an informal rally to affirm our support for a diverse, inclusive,
and equitable campus community, and for the extension of these values to our society at large.

We want each and every member of our campus community to know that they are valued and have allies and advocates in every Department and College.

Students, postdocs, faculty, and staff please join us Thursday 11/10 from 12-1 pm at Sproul Plaza.


2) Legalst 159 Open!

Legalst 159 Open!

Those of you who are interested in LS 159: Intro to Law & Sexuality can now sign up for it!

It’s an Area II or IV course.


3) Slavery & Conspiracy

Slavery & Conspiracy

Here’s a cool course you might want to consider for Spring 2017.
**NOTE: this course can count towards Area IV or Area II for the Legal Studies major.**

English 166: Special Topics: Slavery and Conspiracy

This is a multidisciplinary seminar on the law and literature of slave conspiracy. We will be reading novels and stories by authors such as Martin Delany and Herman Melville alongside contemporary newspapers, confessions, warrants, witness depositions, and trial transcripts. We will also be reading history and theory by Peter Brooks, Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, Jill Lepore, Michel-Rolph Trouillot, and Gordon Wood. Students will choose between writing a research paper (20-25 pages) and working on a collaborative digital project related to one of the conspiracies covered in the course.

More details:


4) SMART Prog

Doctoral students and undergraduate students from all departments and schools are invited to apply for theSMART (Student Mentoring and Research Teams) Program for summer 2017.

The Graduate Division’s innovative SMART Program enables doctoral students to provide mentored research opportunities to undergraduate students. It is designed to broaden the professional development of doctoral students and to foster research skills and forge paths to advanced studies for undergraduates at UC Berkeley. The 2017 SMART Program will run from May 26 to August 4.

Each graduate mentor, working under the guidance of a faculty adviser, will receive a summer stipend ranging from $1,000 to $5,000; each undergraduate mentee will receive a summer stipend in the amount of $3,500 for approximately 200 hours of work. Limited funds may be available for successful applicants for travel or research expenses that cannot be covered elsewhere.

Doctoral students selected as SMART mentors must complete the one-unit course, Mentoring in Higher Education (GSPDP 301), during spring semester 2017 (Tuesdays, 3:30-5 p.m.).

* Deadline for Graduate Mentor Applications: Monday, November 21, 2016. *
Information about the SMART Program and a link to the graduate mentor application form are located on theSMART website (

* Deadline for Undergraduate Mentee Applications: Friday, February 24, 2017. *
The undergraduate mentee application and schedule for informational meetings for undergraduate applicants will be posted on the SMART website in early February 2017.


5) U.S. PIRG

Fall 2016 U.S. PIRG Campaign Update

We’re Pushing Restaurants To Protect Antibiotics
Food industry practices are threatening public health. Factory farms routinely use antibiotics on their animals—even when they’re not sick. This misuse and overuse of antibiotics is leading to infections in humans that can’t be cured. And the problem is growing. Antibiotics that we once used as “last resorts” for hard-to-treat cases can no longer be relied on to work.

Last year, both McDonald’s and Subway made commitments to protect public health after hundreds of thousands of people like you emailed, called and petitioned them to take action. We want KFC, the country’s largest fried chicken chain, to make the switch next. Thanks to you, we’ll keep up the pressure to protect public health.
Calling For Equal Voice In Our Elections
As we near the November elections, U.S. PIRG is working to ensure that in our democracy, everyone has a say. In addition to building support from Americans to overturn Citizens United, U.S. PIRG and our national coalition are also working to win small donor reforms in cities and states across the country, including ballot measures in Washington state and Howard County, Md., and a county council campaign in Washington, D.C.


Getting Toxics Out Of Our Personal Care Products
You should be able to trust that the personal care products you use are safe—especially the ones you use daily. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many products, from shampoos to baby wipes, contain harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, disrupt hormones or create developmental problems.

We’re calling on manufacturers, like Procter & Gamble, Unilever and L’Oréal, to remove toxic chemicals from their products and disclose ingredients of concern.
And, We’re Hiring!
We’re looking for entry-level staff to join our campaign teams. We’re hiring fellows and digital campaigners. Fellows develop campaigns, build coalitions and make the case directly to decision makers. Digital campaigners run digital campaigns that engage hundreds of thousands of people. Both positions for people who are ready to learn the of organizing and put their skills to work casting a spotlight on social problems. Please direct qualified candidates to our website:


6) Prizes & Honors

Prizes & Honors

Check out all of the opportunities out there to toot your own horn!


7) Dth Pnlty Clinic Intrnshp

Dth Pnlty Clinic Intrnshp


Death Penalty Clinic

University of California, Berkeley, School of Law

The ideal candidate for this unique opportunity is dependable and responsible.  We are looking for two interns for the spring semester, with the possibility of continuing into the summer or fall.  We require an undergraduate, preferably a junior or senior, who can commit a minimum of ten (10) hours per week.  These are unpaid positions.

The Death Penalty Clinic is a law practice engaged in direct representation of individuals on death row.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with faculty, the Clinic paralegal, and law students.  They will be held to the same confidentiality requirements as faculty, staff, and law students in the Clinic.

As a volunteer, you must be:
-dependable in terms of your time commitment
-trustworthy because of the serious responsibility of working on capital cases
-detail-oriented to best support the Clinic and, ultimately, our clients

Responsibilities include, but certainly are not limited to:
-inventory and analyzing files
-researching news databases
-exhibit and pleading organization
-extensive filing
-assisting in record preservation and management
-updating our records database

As an intern, you will be exposed to the realities of working on a capital case and engage in projects that contribute to the professional work of the organization.
For more information regarding the Clinic, see our website at

To apply, please email your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest to
Heather Canfield, Clinic Paralegal, at Materials should be submitted in PDF format and should include your last name in the file name.
Selected applicants will be invited to interview and may be asked to attend in-person orientation during the fall semester.

Application deadline: Monday, November 14 by 10:00 PM


8) Oxford Centre Journal

Oxford Centre Journal

We are pleased to announce the publication of the new Issue of the Journal of the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (JOxCSLS) on Socio-Legal Perspectives on Current Global and Local Challenges.

This Issue features contributions analysing a wide variety of sociolegal phenomena, including many linked to events and debates that have taken place in the last year. Topics covered range from a proposal for climate justice to the development of a new understanding of the global commons; from the idea of ‘just terror’ as employed by transnational terrorist entities to the question of the effects that a coup such as that in Turkey can have on the ‘legal regime’ of a nation; from assigning reparations in the aftermath of an international criminal trial to the challenges of carrying out fieldwork in Colombia in the midst of a peace process. In addressing these topics, this Issue presents new socio-legal reflections from a strong cohort of interdisciplinary authors.

We truly hope that you will enjoy reading our latest issue as much as we enjoyed compiling it. Please do consider contributing to the next issue. You will find the call for papers attached and on our website.

Finally we would like to take the opportunity to introduce the new Editors of the JOxCSLS, who will now take the reins of the journal: Owain Johnstone and Fernanda Farina. We wish them all the best in their endeavours.

Yours sincerely,
Felix-Anselm van Lier and Matilde Gawronski

JOxCSLS Editors for the 2015-16 Academic Year


9) Rhet Undrgrd Jrnl

Rhet Undrgrd Jrnl

The Rhetoric Undergraduate Journal (RUJ) is now accepting submissions. We are a leading interdisciplinary platform grounded on critical inquiry, debate and discourse. We accept long form academic pieces and short form article-type submissions.

The RUJ is proud to showcase the work of students who go beyond the classroom setting in producing critical, intellectual work. It is a great opportunity for students who wish to personally pursue topics of interest, whether it be in light of a previous assignment or the work of an original, stimulating inquiry. While quality of work is important, we also highly regard works founded on unique, creative and critical perspectives. Therefore, if your paper is in the process of development, we are more than happy to pair you with an editor of similar expertise to assist you in the development process. We look forward to reading your submissions. (Note: Early submissions tend to be published before later ones, so send in your work soon if you are interested in getting published)

For general inquiries please email us at or visit our online platform at 

ucbrhetoricuj/For updates like our Facebook page

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