*****NOTE: P/NP and DPN grades in prerequisite courses, upper div Area courses and Core classes Spring 2020, Fa 2020, and Spring 2021 will be accepted. Fa20 and Sp21 will count towards the 1/3 P/NP College rule. Here’s more. If you are considering applying to the Legal Studies Honors Program, you need to take your upper division courses for the major, for a letter grade Fa20 and Sp21.*****

Discussion Sections

Discussion sections for Legal Studies courses do not begin meeting until the 2nd week of Instruction.


Waitlists for Legal Studies courses are manually processed. Priority for seating will be given to declared Legal Studies students until right before classes begin. If you are waitlisted, the number of students we are able to add is determined by the number who are dropped for non-attendance during the first two weeks or drop on their own. Available seats will correspond to the discussion sections of the dropped students. (i.e., If a student in section 103 is dropped, a student waitlisted for section 103 will be added.) Usually one or two days before the semester begins, open seats normally reserved for the Legal Studies majors, will be given to non-declared students from the waitlist. This will open spaces on the waitlist. Keep an eye out for these new waitlist spaces and, as always, go to class and discussion section (sections begin 2nd week) if you are serious about enrolling. The professors and GSIs take roll and will drop those who don’t attend for the first couple of weeks.

Add/Drop Deadlines

Add/drop deadlines can be found here:


Go to CalCentral:

Interested in the Major?

If you are an intended major and would just like to receive Legal Studies email updates and announcements, please email

All LSundergrads e-mails are archived on the Legal Studies website under ‘Latest News As of…’

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